Giants 2013-2014 Season

on Oct 26

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Champions Under Construction

Champions Under Construction

Following the creative late in the 2012-13 Season, which featured visual elements found with building plans and drafting, the 2013-14 season was characterised by a construction theme.

Challenge: The Vancouver Giants were in the process of rebuilding the team, trading older players for draft picks. The challenge was to bring a creative theme through which communicated the future potential of the team.

Solution: The concept of building the team lent itself to the creative Champions Under Construction, capturing the essence of the WHL’s purpose and focusing attention on the long term goals of the Giants players. As the season progressed the team grew in confidence and ability, the challenge now became how to capture their growth and achievements. The construction imagery became more polished and refined, using a metallic treatment rather than grunge, to reflect the team’s progress as they prepared for the playoff series.

Result: Using familiar elements such as caution tape, signs and a grunge look suggestive of a construction site, the theme was successfully carried through vehicle wraps, web, newsprint and venue signage. Eye-catching elements featured prominently, yet were able to coexist harmoniously within the existing branding. The move towards metallic elements later in the season also helped realign the creative with the brand’s core colours.

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