Rick Hansen Foundation

Epic Design was contracted to work on materials for the 25th Anniversary Rick Hansen Relay. The Relay retraced the Canadian segment of the original Tour, but this time one man in motion was represented by many in motion; engaging 7,000 participants from across Canada who have made their own difference in the lives of others.

Our Work

Epic Design worked on a variety of projects including  a national toolkit of ads, banners, posters and web graphics of various sizes which could be customized to the need of each community. The main artwork was an illustration of Rick Hansen inviting you to join by extending a medal to the audience. In addition, Andi Mortenson was recently invited  by The Canadian Mint., along with six other artists, to design a Rick Hansen-themed quarter. After passing through two rounds of review with the judges, Andi’s design was narrowed down to the final two designs.


Design Rationale

The ambition was to create a piece of history that will remind people what Rick Hansen accomplished 25 years ago, and the journey the Rick Hansen Foundation continues to follow today. Each swoosh represents a portion of the journey in past, present and future, and the hope it holds.

In addition to supporting the Rick Hansen ‘One Inspires Many’ brand, the swooshes and dots forming the ground below him also represent the globe that he has travelled and the many impacted along the way.

Epic Design was a terrific asset to our team, providing outstanding creative in a very professional and timely manner. We collaborated extremely well throughout the planning, production and execution of several national public engagement programs. I look forward to working with her again soon.

Robin Russell
Previous: Marketing Communications, Rick Hansen Foundation; Current: Marketing Manager, North America at Destination Canada