Published on July 6, 2015 | by Andi Mortenson

Capitalizing on Vancouver’s healthy, active lifestyle

The whole idea of All in a Day is to see how many fun, sporty activities you can jam pack into a single day. One of the most amazing things about Vancouver is the fact that we live in an outdoor playground, with the ability to do mountain sports and water sports all in a single day. This year included yoga, hiking, kayaking, biking, beach with a water-slide, dinner, dancing, and a bonfire.

This was my second year with the group – it’s been running for eight years now, the brainchild of Kevin Royes and Dino Bassanese, and it has evolved year after year, adding more and more activities, which now brings it up to a full 24 hours. The people that make it all the way through from yoga at 7am to the bonfire received a bonafied high-five!

As Dino says, “Our purpose is simple. We live a diverse, active lifestyle in the best city on earth. What better way to celebrate it than to jam it all into one epic day”.

Check out All in a Day next year, you won’t regret it! You can follow them on Facebook.