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on Oct 30

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Vancouver TheatreSports League (VTSL) needed to pull their old website into the brave (new) world of responsive design; it was time. Despite the age of the site, the content was fresh and relevant – making it easy to identify what would need to be included in the new site.

There were several boxes that needed to be ticked in developing the new site, it needed to:

  • fit with TheatreManager – their ticket sales system,
  • be fully responsive for mobile and tablet devices,
  • have a more efficent backend – allowing staff to enter content once, rather than repetitive data entry on different pages,
  • be more intuitive for the user,
  • and have a clean, epic design that fits with the VTSL brand.



We started by holding several planning sessions, to determine exactly what, how and where content would be available, where redundancies could be removed, and how to design a site that was easy to use for both staff and customers. We looked at how we could design an efficient system where data would only have to be entered once, and could be used across different pages.

Designing header images for a responsive site required a different approach to other web or print graphics– we needed to be mindful of how they would appear on a multitude of screens, including retina displays. As designers, one of the most frustrating situations experienced is when a meticulously crafted image displays incorrectly – badly cropped, stretched, overlapping. In this situation nobody wins, us or the client. To ameliorate this, we specifially designed more textural images to be used as header images – to ensure screen size would not compromise on context – focusing on colour primarily, rather than subject.

Once everyone was happy with the structure and look of the site, we swung into production mode! Our stellar developer, Gywn, worked tirelessly with Jason (tech lead / designer) to realise our vision for the new VTSL site. The bones of the site in, we worked with VTSL to populate the site with content, then tested functionality and design across a variety of devices, platforms, and browsers.



For the full wow-factor – go explore the VTSL site:



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