An Urban Forest Concert – Jon Bon Jovi & the Kings of Surburbia

on Oct 8

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Over the summer of 2015, we were excited to have the opportunity to brand a concert series. Urban Forest Concerts were anticipated to be a series of outdoor concerts in amazing outdoor locations. The first in the series was to be held in Vancouver’s beautiful Stanley Park, held in the summer twilight, featuring none other than Bon Jovi!

Despite the disappointment of the concert being cancelled, then ultimately on at another venue–we really enjoyed working on the look and feel for what would have been a truly exceptional event.


The client approached us with an idea to use the iconic Jon Bon Jovi photo. We began exploring how we could draw through the ‘Urban Forest’ concept and highlight the exceptional setting of this concert. We wanted capture what set this concert apart from the others – the magical ambiance of a warm summer evening, surrounded by trees under the stars in Stanley Park. We had the image, the location, the ‘Jon Bon Jovi & the Kings of Surburbia’ wordmark, and not much time to turn it all around.


We experimented with different elements and styles, and ultimately we all agreed the watercolour was the best fit. The watercolour look created a nice texture and added visual interest–a softer, natural look which celebrates imperfections and underlines the casual feel of the event. After the whirlwind of exploration and presentations, the look and feel of the brand was nailed down and ready to go to production.

Initially, a poster was designed as a teaser to generate discussion (successfully – see here and here), with die-hard Bon Jovi fans instantly able to recognize the infamous photo. After an evening of rampant speculation, Bon Jovi was confirmed as the headliner and it was full swing on producing online ads, posters, newspaper ads, mobile app assets and event signage.


The client was thrilled with the result, which adapted well to suit the advertising and marketing mediums requested. The mobile application & website (developed by the talented folks at Pug Pharm Vancouver) gave us the opportunity to further explore the look and explore how fans can engage more with the brand.






Website & Mobile App

Graphics by Epic, developed by Pug Pharm



Online Assets

Online Assets

Leaderboard ad

Tallblock ad

Merchandise Concept


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