Junior Pan American Wrestling Championships

on Jul 11

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JPAWC – Event branding and collateral

In June 2014 Wrestling Canada hosted the Junior Pan American Wrestling Championships in Toronto. We were asked to help develop a brand for the event as help produce Wrestling Canada pieces for use with other events.

Logo & Look


The logo presented a unique challenge – it needed to work in four different languages. Never will you hear us complain about bilingual design again! Our approach was to look for common elements across the languages which we could use as a foundation – “2014” and “Junior”. As the title of the event is quite long, we decided on keeping it as a wordmark with a stylized common piece – each language piece should be able to stand alone.

The look was to be based on Wrestling Canada’s new branding, with the design featuring a four sided shape to represent the four different languages.Using the diamond as a basic shape, we constructed an abstracted map of the Americas to underline the scope and scale of the event.


Event Designs

We were very excited to have the opportunity to design the medals to be awarded at the event. We wanted carry the diamond design through, creating a unique piece amongst sporting design. Some of the other event collateral we produced included a program, accreditation passes (12 categories – such as Athlete, Coach, VIP), spectators guide, mat-side signage, pullup banners, podium sign, posters and digital pieces (to name a few).

JPAWC_Portfolio-01 JPAWC_Portfolio-02
JPAWC_Portfolio-11JPAWC_Portfolio-06 JPAWC_Portfolio-05











Art Director:
Andi Mortenson
Photographer: Paul Eekhoff

Spectators Guide


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