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on Oct 30

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Earlier this year we were asked by the BC Sports Hall of Fame (BCSHOF) to develop and produce a promotional video to debut at their annual fundraising banquet. The video is designed to educate the general public about the mandate, vision and goals of the organization to help drive donations. As a not-for-profit organization, the BCSHOF relies on donations to provide programs honouring athletes, coaches and sport builders, and inspiring the next generation of local athletes.



Epic Design was tasked with developing a script, designing visuals, capturing footage, and delivering a polished product. We called upon Shaun, our video go-to guy, to assist with the technical challenges and capture the inductees. Additionally, there was the challenge of coordinating schedules to interview and record inductees.



There were some logistical challenges in coordinating our schedule with those of our incredible inductees–but with some careful planning we were able to pull it off and capture some amazing interviews. Too amazing–as all editors know, time constraints meant we were only able to show snippets of the richly detailed interviews with the inductees. It was a truly humbling experience to hear the inductees speak about their passion for sport and the hardships they endured to achieve their goals.

We designed video graphics to complement the aesthetic of the BCSHOF exhibits and fit within their brand, used archival footage from the BCSHOF collection for the opening sequence, and captured footage of visitors and exhibits at the venue.



The video was screened at the BCSHOF’s annual Banquet of Champions in May, 2015, to 730 guests. The banquet saw nine individuals and one team inducted to the Hall of Fame and raised $130,000 for the organization.

Lastly, we’d like to put out an Epic thank you to the inductees for generously donating their time and sharing their stories for this video: Andrea Neil, Marnie Abbott-Peter, Brent Hayden, Lui Passaglia, Bob Lenarduzzi, Tom Larscheid.

Image credit: BC Sport Hall of Fame

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