Americas Masters Games – Vancouver 2016

on Oct 29

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The Americas Masters Games is an inclusive, regional multisport event centred on athletes over the age of 30. Realising most sport programs focus primarily on younger athletes–developing their skills for high performance competition–the Masters Games movement was established to encourage people over 30 to cultivate active and healthy lifestyles and provide a supportive competition environment for all skill levels, be they ex-Olympians or amatuers. Masters Games are held at all levels of competition – local, state/provincial, national and international – all over the world, but have yet to establish a large following in the Americas region. Other regional Masters Games include the European Masters Games, Pan Pacific Masters Games and the World Masters Games (held every four years). Masters Games are inclusive events – there are no entry barriers for athletes competing (excepting the lower age limit)– with competitors representing themselves, from all skill levels and abilities.


Epic Design was approached to create a logo and develop a brand for the inaugural Americas Masters Games, to be held in Vancouver in late Summer 2016. As the first regional Masters Games to be held in the Americas there is the added challenge of introducing the Masters Games movement to the community.




The logo was designed to evoke the pride, ownership, excitement and sense of community that we collectively experienced during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. At the centre of the Vancouver Olympic experience, literally and metaphorically, was the Olympic flame – located in Canada Place. The cauldron inspired the logo, realised as a stylised ‘V’ to bring movement to the design. The concept of the flame resonated with the organisers – a reignition of our passion for sport and for our city. There are several variations to the logo design, for flexibility in use.


Image Treatment

Many Vancouver centric designs featured the same colour scheme – blue and green – and while this has become visually synonymous with our beautiful city, we were keen to introduce warmer colours to the design to emphasise the season (summer) and draw through the flame concept. The two colour schemes really highlight the diversity of what Vancouver has to offer, capturing the ever changing moods–blue for sea and sky, warm colours for flame and summer. These colours are carried through to complement the sports – warm for courts, cool for water & grass.



Introductory video

This video was produced by Epic Design to create awareness around the Americas Masters Games and to strengthen our branding. We compiled footage selected from the Tourism Vancouver library, wrote a script, hired a voiceover artist and selected music to bring it to life. We storyboarded our ideas and worked with a local motion graphics company who edited it together and provided animations to bring our branding ‘look and feel’ into the video.


Responsive Website and Assets

Epic Design was responsible for designing and developing a responsive website. To being the process, we sat down with the client to brainstorm exactly what was needed on the site, strategising and organising content, wireframing, building, then finally integrating the brand into the site. We developed and built a customised backend to give the client maximum flexibility and ease when updating the website after the initial rollout (June, 2015). This was an important feature, ensuring the individual needs of each sport are clearly presented, communicated, and updated as details become available. Social media assets, e-newsletter templates and skinning for the registration and accommodation partner pages were developed to ensure a consistent brand presence online. View the official Americas Masters Games pages by clicking the links below.

Website:  |  Facebook: AMGames2016  |  Twitter: @amgames2016



Countdown Clock

The Countdown Clock was unveiled on September 2 as part of the #OneYearOut media event at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The Countdown Clock will be travelling around Vancouver – keep a sharp eye out and you might just see it in action!


Promotional Postcard



The (epic) Americas Masters Games branding and website team:

Andi Mortenson – Creative Director, Project Managar
Jason Yoshioka – Assistant Creaetive Director, Technical Lead
Katrina Galas – Marketing Strategist
Kiri Northam – Graphic Designer, Coordinator
Gwyn Pritchett – Developer
Tiffany Tsai – Intern

For more information on the Masters Games movement, visit the International Masters Games Association website.

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