2016 World Taekwondo Junior Championships

on Apr 1

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Logo and Branding


The 2016 World Taekwondo Junior Championships took place from November 16-20 in Burnaby. The event welcomed 1500 athletes, officials and coaches from 100+ countries.


Epic Design was tasked with designing a logo and brand that draws upon the origins of the sport, balanced with a clean and modern look. The logo and brand also needed to appeal to the junior athletes to inspire a sense of pride and ownership. We were also tasked with the creation of a responsive website.



The logo required a number of mandatory components: the WTF logo, event dates, host city and country, and the event name. After research, exploration, consultation and iteration, we settled upon the concept of the Taekwondo belt–central to the athlete’s attire. The belt is significant as a common item that unites Taekwondo athletes all over the world – young, old, novice, master– as well as connecting cultures through a common interest. The belt binds the athlete to the tenants of Taekwondo as well as literally surrounding the athlete. We drew upon aesthetic influences of artists such as Saul Bass and Rob Ryan to create a brand with a youthful energy, bold aesthetic, and interesting textures.


The brand features of mixture of reds, whites, blacks and greys, as well as textures and treated greyscale images. To date the brand has been applied to the website, burnabyjuniorchampionships.com, corporate collateral, and a sponsorship document.


Event Signage

Large scale signage was created to welcome athletes participating from all around the world. The cutout style of design which includes different textures relates to the connecting of cultures.


Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 10.21.27 AM



Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 1.20.33 PM





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